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Build your list of subscribers and easily convert sales, with our proven techniques that are easy to learn and use.

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As a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, learn the aspects of effective marketing campaigns and strategies. This is vital to your business; it will shape the outcome at every stage.

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Learn how you can Dominate Your Market in simple Steps

This ultimate package will get you started with effective marketing techniques for your brand. You will fully understand email marketing and how to get started. Your business is only a few techniques away from amazingly great sales conversion rates.

And YES, we teach you how to measure and analyze your campaigns' data to optimize your strategies for better results.


Meet Your Coach

Personal & Business Development Coach, Dynamic Leader

My name is Tonika Bruce. I am a registered nurse, author and a serial entrepreneur, of over 20 years. I am insanely passionate about leading and inspiring people. In fact, people ask me what I do, and I simply tell them, I help busy, motivated leaders and entrepreneurs establish their purpose and online presence.

I truly enjoy working hand-in-hand to craft your unique business vision and strategies.

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I know first-hand that success is hard to understand and achieve. This is exactly why I have dedicated my life to developing, coaching, and walking with individuals and teams towards their goals, regardless of what they are. 

With over 20 years experience building businesses and teams, I decided to build a brand dedicated to networking, connecting, and understanding a person's individual needs. 

I have attained success in multiple niches, including nursing, entrepreneurship, coaching, and executive leadership. 

What to Expect

Dominate Your Market is packed with great resourceful tips that you can easily learn and implement in your business for great results. 

Some Include:

  • Getting Started With Email Marketing

  • Building Your Email List

  • Writing Emails That Will Inspire Your Audience to Take Action

  • Measuring Results and Optimizing Your Strategy

  • Optimizing Your Internet Traffic

  • Ways to Elevate Your Social Media Presence

  • How to Get the Traffic you Need Fast!

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Dominate Your Market has had such a reaching impact on my business that you could ever imagine. I have been a loyal follower of Tonika Bruce as an author, but when I saw an ad for this course, I was interested, as her books have helped shape my personal and professional life.

It helped me have the courage to start my own business as it equipped me with techniques I needed to make sales.

Blake Finkelstein

Dominate Your Market is every entrepreneurs must have. It covers in detail the various marketing channels and why they work and how they work best. As a new business owner it is always hard to figure things out, but it helped me on my journey and gave me the answers I needed.

I even lack words to express my joy and gratitude to Tonika Bruce for her recently released course. 

Dallas Berkman

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